Susan Borum, Receptionist

Mrs. Susan worked in the field of floral design before joining the Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic team two years ago as our valued receptionist and resident mom. Susan has been married happily for over 43 years to her husband, Craig. They have two daughters, Dr. Sarah Gilliam and Laura, one granddaughter, Ella, and two grandsons, Maddox and Will, with Maverick on the way in October 2017. Her pet family consists of three dachshunds, Maddy, Shelby, and Ginger, along with six grand dogs, and two grand cats.

Sara Lankford, Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Sara studied at Chattanooga State Community College, and has worked for three years as a veterinary assistant. She has been with Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic since 2016 as a receptionist/veterinary assistant. Sara has been married to her husband Jeff for over 17 years, and they have a son, Caleb, who is 15, and a daughter, Kyla, 14. Their furry family includes a Siberian Husky, Aiyana, and a cat, Dumbledore.

Justin Mayfield, Certified Veterinary Assistant

Justin studied pre-veterinary medicine at both Dalton State College and Northeast Alabama Community College, and earned his Certified Veterinary Assistant certificate from the U.S. Career Institute of Colorado. Justin has worked as a kennel technician and veterinary assistant since 1995 in practices in Georgia, as well as Tennessee, and we are happy to have him as a part of the Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic family. Justin's home family consists of his partner since 2008, Ron Roberts, as well as his mother and father, Wilma and Tom Mayfield. Justin has an extensive pet family as well, consisting of an Egyptian Mau cat named Cheetah, a Toy Poodle, Buster, a Shih Tzu named Buddy, a Jack Russell Terrier named Jack, a Poodle named Sunny, a Min Pin named Baby D, five Chihuahuas named Karma, Brownie, Tank, D'Ago, and Winston, a Leopard Gecko named Bob, an African Grey Parrot named Kiwi, and several fish including Koi and Guppies.

Amber Hensley, Veterinary Assistant

Amber studied at West Georgia University and had worked at The Ark for three years before joining the Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic team in 2013. Amber is married to her husband Eddie, and she has a beautiful step-daughter, Callie. Amber and Eddie also have a pet family consisting of a Terrier mix name Skully, as well as a Pomeranian named Coco, a Pitbull named Lucy, and their Sphynx Cat, Napoleon